European Pedagogics and Nutrition 2020


Meeting in Budapest

From 24 of November to 29 of November 2019, we participated in the international Erasmus+ project meeting European Pedagogics and Nutrition 2020 EuPeNu20 in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The main topic of the meeting was water.


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Meeting in Lens

From March 24 to March 29, 2019, we participated in the international Erasmus+ project European Pedagogics and Nutrition 2020 EuPeNu20 in Lens, eastern France. The main theme of the meeting was milk and milk products. For 2 days, students participated in chemical experiments devoted, among others, to the study of the quality of dairy products, the detection of substances in dairy products, and the study of milk acidity. During the meeting, the next chapter of the book for the youngest, dealing with issues concerning dairy products at the kindergarten level, was also created. During the meeting, our students also visited an ecological farm for breeding cows, where they received first-hand valuable information on the production of milk and milk products. On the third day of the meeting, our students conducted workshops on preparing healthy and tasty meals based on milk products. On the fourth day of the meeting there was a presentation and summary of the project meeting and a trip to Paris.

On the streets, students under the supervision of teachers collected information for a survey on the presence of dairy products in the diet of tourists and residents of this city. There was also an opportunity to cruise the Seine, visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Champs Elysees. We ended our adventure with Paris in front of the triumphal arch. All participants of the project had an unusual opportunity to learn in international company, the opportunity to communicate in English, French and German. The next project meeting will be November (24-29.11.2019) in Budapest. You can find more pictures from the meeting in the section Gallery. Please look also of our diary

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French team before travel to Wien

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News from Lens

Do you know how many oranges you must eat to get 500mg of vitamin C, as in a tablet?
Now we know it...

Greetings from Lens!

Camille, Clara, Chloé, Wendy, Alexis and Romarick
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Healthy Food Day in Kozienice

On November 22, the day of healthy food took place. Earlier, our students had a theoretical lesson on this subject, and last week practically prepared dishes that could be tasted during the presentation. Some of the students prepared multimedia presentations and posters promoting healthy eating. Over 160 people took part in two shows.

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