European Pedagogics and Nutrition 2020


News from Lens

Do you know how many oranges you must eat to get 500mg of vitamin C, as in a tablet?
Now we know it...

Greetings from Lens!

Camille, Clara, Chloé, Wendy, Alexis and Romarick
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Healthy Food Day in Kozienice

On November 22, the day of healthy food took place. Earlier, our students had a theoretical lesson on this subject, and last week practically prepared dishes that could be tasted during the presentation. Some of the students prepared multimedia presentations and posters promoting healthy eating. Over 160 people took part in two shows.

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News from Budapest

Hungarian team is preparing for the meeting in Vienna by doing paper chromatography of the pigments in parsley.
Next week we will examine the following:
1. What are carotenoids and which fruits and vegetables contain them?
2. Which type of vitamins could you find only in plants and what do they do with your body?
3. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

Conclusion: Eating fruits and vegetables is very important in a healthy diet.

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News from Lens

‌Our french team is preparing for the Vienna meeting, by dosing the vitamin C contained in a tablet.
Next week, we will dose the vitamin C contained in a fruit such as orange or lemon.
Conclusion: Eat vitamins, it's good for you!
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